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I can't wait to help you with your perfect nails, brows or lashes!

You can schedule your appointment very simply and quickly via the various buttons on the website that read 'book now'. Choose your treatment, date and time fill in the requested information and your first appointment is scheduled!


Nice the day of your appointment has arrived!

You arrive at my salon at Vlietweg 15 in Leidschendam/Voorburg, the building is really on the Vliet with the road only in between. There is ample free parking at the front and even more parking at the back of the building.

You enter the building at the main entrance and immediately see the lunchroom there, as soon as you enter, go directly into the corridor to the left. When you have walked to the end of the hall you will arrive at the waiting area. Along the way you will also see the toilets that you can use. It's useful if you give me a call when you're there (or if you can't find it right away) because then I know you're there!

Do you come for eyelashes and brows

As soon as you enter you can hang up your coat. If you come for your brows or eyelashes, you can take a seat on the treatment table and I start with a short intake of about 5 minutes. Here we will not only discuss your wishes in terms of color and shape, current state of eyelashes or eyebrows and my advice, but also what we can achieve in the long term to ensure that you get the perfect eyelashes and brows! We start the treatment by taking a 'before' photo of your eyelashes/brows. If it is necessary to mix a suitable color especially for you, I will do this and save it in my system so that you can get this color every time.

For the lash lift and henna brows you will receive all information about what you should or should not do at home after the treatment.

If I notice anything else about your eyelashes, brows or skin that could use some extra attention, I will provide information about this and advise you on any home care.

We close your brow treatment with a wonderfully cooling gel, not to mention the 'after' photo!

Come for your nails:

If you come for your nails, always make sure you wash your hands well with soap before every treatment after arrival. You can hang up your coat and take a seat on the chair. I start with a short intake of about 5 minutes to determine the condition of your nails and cuticles, hear your wishes, answer any questions, we discuss the details of your first visit but also the long-term goals and a plan to get your desired and perfect nails with healthy beautiful cuticles and hands. During the treatment I will give you information about the aftercare at home so that you can enjoy your result for as long as possible. 

We close the treatment with a wonderfully nurturing hand scrub and of course the instagram hand / nail shoot!  

In my salon I have a wide choice of tea with a cookie, water or a nice cup a soup for you


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