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 About Nira

Hi, I'm Nira!  

I was born in The Hague and am the product of my blond Dutch mother and my father from Ghana. Both these cultures are reflected in my whole life

As the mother of a son (who has a form of autism), I know better than anyone how important it is to find time for yourself, but also to make time! I know how important it is to relax, feel good about and in yourself and that you can handle more when you are yourself  well cared for... because say yourself if you feel good, you can handle more in life and you can do more for someone else (which makes you feel even better)

I work in a cozy salon on the Vlietweg in Leidschendam/Voorburg near Denhaag, Zoetermeer, Leidschenveen/Ypenburg and Leiden. You will feel welcome and receive the necessary information to keep up to date at home so that you can enjoy your treatment for as long as possible.


I started my first training about 3 years ago, I had to change course in a way that I could organize my own times as a mother and I had to do something that made me happy.

I started as an eyelash stylist, followed by eyebrows and nails. I am specialized in BIAB/Natural Nail Treatment, Shape & Tint brows and lash lift. I always continued to follow training courses because the more I did the more I enjoyed it and I had a mission... besides wanting to become one of the best in my profession I wanted to make the world a better place through quality nails, brows & lashes and more importantly contribute to a good feeling for ladies who come to me.


Too often I myself, but unfortunately I also heard a lot of customers who had experienced in the past that our nails were all painfully thin, filed and ruined with very broken, bleeding cuticles. Not to mention the brow experiences of overplucked thin eyebrows that are painted in the wrong colors, not matching the face, so that a lot of ladies unfortunately have a kind of phobia to have the eyebrows done.

  I knew it shouldn't be this way and that this could be done better but many don't know better so part of my mission is a nice painless experience for my customers so that they have confidence in their stylist.

Every day is a party for me when someone leaves the salon super happy.


I like to travel and have already seen quite a few countries but still want to see and visit enough! As a result of my love for travel and food, I have had a website for a number of years with all kinds of travel information for Ghana that is useful to know if you want to travel there and the tastiest Ghanaian dishes and snacks with a recipe. You can find this at

I am a real sweet tooth and snacker, love to cook and bake with my son, but I try to pay attention to my health as much as possible despite the challenge. For example, for my body care I use products that are as natural as possible, are good for you and are of responsible origin. Enough of these products are therefore available in my salon as many like me benefit from them.

Besides beauty, food and travel I love music! Music is food for the soul I think.  

I also sing and like to make music. I like soul, jazz, r&b, reggae, afropop and pop. If you want to hear or see this, take a look at my youtube channel: Nira Music & Beauty.  

Are you ready to come to the salon to have your nails, brows or eyelashes done and relax right away, click below to schedule your appointment  

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